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 How To Forward An Attachment 

Forwarding an email message as an attachment is usually the best way because the email doesn't get mangled or altered in any significant way.  Here's how to do it...

  1. As you're reading an email in your inbox, somewhere in the top part of the screen you'll always see a forward button for forwarding messages.  Here are some examples of what it might look like:
  1. The two pictures below show how in some email programs, the forward button has a little downward-pointing arrow that you can click on that opens up a little menu, letting you choose to forward the email as an attachment.
  1. If you don't see an option to forward it as an attachment, click the forward button; you might then see a button letting you choose to forward it as an attachment.  If not, don't be too concerned:  As long as you don't see a ">" at the start of each line, the email will be forwarded correctly.  You may want to type a brief personal message explaining why you're sending it.  In the "CC:" box (or better, the "BCC:" box) put the email addresses of all your friends, then send out the email.

  2. If you keep an email address book, click the button or link that allows you to insert addresses from your address book.  If you don't keep an email address book, type any number of email addresses in the box labeled CC: or BCC:, separated by commas (some people may first have to click a link labeled something like Add BCC.)

  3. Finally, click the button that forwards the email (usually it's a button labeled Send) and away it goes to your friends!

The good news is, that's probably is all you need to know.  If you get stuck, yet you still feel a tiger-like determination to learn how to do it, try one of these tutorial links:
  • Forwarding a Message in Outlook Express
  • How to forward emails "As Attachments"

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